Akashic Record & Reiki Healer.

I born in Tamilnadu, south part of India and graduated as an Engineer. Though I was working as a Professional Engineer around the world, especially in south east Asian countries, my spiritual seeking was so strong and my awareness of searching something bigger than ourselves had pushed me to involve in various spiritual activities. Initially I started practicing yoga and meditation in the year 2006, which open my consciousness to various spiritual field such as Vaasi Yogam, Energy Healer, Reiki Master Healer and finally initiated to access the AKASHIC RECORDS.

My inner feeling was kept whispering that I came to this earth for something else but doing something else. Hence, I had shifted back permanently to my home town in India to focus largely on the Spiritual activities. Today, in 2023, I have been gracefully involved in accessing the Akashic records for many clients for the past five years and keep going.

The space which I had created for my clients are non-judgemental and supportive to make you feel more comfortable in the session.

I pay my sincere gratitude for your intention to elevate your consciousness.

welcome to the sacred journey.