akashic records

Welcome onboard for a fresh journey to raise your awareness to the next higher-level dimension – AKASHIC RECORDS

This modality helps you to know ‘’Who you are’’ @ Soul level and guides you in a limitless way for your Soul’s journey.

You are not just a Human ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

You are a Spiritual being / Divine Soul incarnated here in this planet for a complete human experience.

Fundamentally our Divine Soul & Vital Force Energy are the Living phenomenon in this physical body.

Our physical body is in the third-dimension reality and our Mind exist in the Fourth-dimension reality, we are certainly aware of these dimensions and do the necessary stuffs to maintain our physical and mental wellbeing.

Similarly, our Soul particulars are found in the Fifth-dimension called Akashic records which exist higher dimension than our physical body / mind, accessing this dimension is not a common thing for our mind.

And here is the good news for you, I’ll access your portion in the akashic records to bring profound information about the Soul’s nature and the pre-existing blocks, negative karmic patterns which are acting as a hindrance to the flow of vital force energy.

The Akashic Records are fifth dimensional in existence of pure energy and light.

The records are existing in Higher dimensional than our Mind which is beyond linear time.


Akashic is a Sanskrit word, which means ether / sky from which all things came into existence.


The record contains an energetic database / imprint that stores all the precious information about your Soul and your past life Negative Karmas which had made a perpetual impact on the Soul.


Akashic records are the only dimension to understand the Soul’s nature and its journey

Akashic Records

A delightful thing is that you can reconnect with your soul through the Akashic records.


If you feel to find out more about your Akashic records, please schedule an appointment today.

Healing @ Soul Level:

As a consequence of reading from the Akashic records, we have a clear picture of our Soul travel or path of evolution, we know exactly which negative choices are contributing to the state of lack we are experiencing and what will establish positive choice for us to realign with our divine nature / vital force energy.


I will be guiding you through a healing process in order to rectify the major negative choices happened in the past life times and this life time which had generated huge impact on the soul and fix them appropriately. Modifying negative choices does of course take effort and time. However, every positive choice that aligns us further to our original Divine Soul Blueprint creates more abundance in our lives.

Why Should I know these things

When we incarnate on Earth we forget our previous lives and connection to our soul and the Source. Akashic record is a powerful dimension to reconnect with your Soul. Once the Realignment happens in between the Soul & Mind, receiving vital force energy will become more ease. As a result of receiving sufficient vital force energy, you shall feel the fulfilment of your life in all aspects which leads to a realization of ‘’Who You are’’


What Should I do:

    NOTE: Accessing the Akashic Records are purely based on the permission provided by the Divine Soul.

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